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A modern haulage company for specialist tasks

Torben Rafn A/S is a modern haulage company which has more than 39 tractor units, block semi-trailers and axles for modular heavy haulers at its disposal, including considerable equipment such as beds, tower modules, boiler decks, spacers, turntables, road train equipment, bogie equipment etc.

We also have more than 5 pilot cars with our own drivers.

  The fleet includes


The company has employees, with 8 working in administration, 5 manning the workshop and 30 drivers. Our core competencies cover the services below. However, we also perform a wide range of other jobs. Contact us for more information.

Torben Rafn A/S
Ingeniørvej 11
DK - 6560 Sommersted

Tlf. +45 74504448